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When the average person thinks of manufacturing, they often picture a very ordered process in which raw materials go in the front door and products come out the back. As you well know, it's not quite that simple.

Manufacturing is a continuous series of refinements--of costing, contracts, resource planning and managing work in process, from ground-zero through distribution and delivery.

The CompassCPA Manufacturing System is a comprehensive application suite that provides the tools to do all of that and more. Tools for reducing the cost of processing orders and for producing the goods to fill those orders. Tools that provide the real-time information necessary to perfect the process and optimize efficiencies.

The integrated design concept allows "single entry" transactions to be updated throughout the system in real time. Each transaction uses organizational codes determined by the "rules/structure" of the business to allow you to analyze performance from many different angles.

The CompassCPA Manufacturing System features four comprehensive modules. Click for the details:

Inventory Management Module
Plant Maintenance Module
Resource Planning Module
Work-In-Process Module

But that's just the beginning--the CompassCPA Suite allows you to integrate your manufacturing data with distribution, financial and human resource functions, to give you a world view of your business and street-level access to the details.

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