CompassCPA Manufacturing System
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The CompassCPA Resource Planning Module is divided into two related functions: capacity planning and materials planning. A company plans and controls the manufacturing, assembly and purchasing activities by a combination of these functions.

-- Capacity requirements planning uses a planning horizon to divide the future into planning periods. You specify the structure of the planning horizon by defining the length of near and distant periods. The system calendar lists work and non-work days. The planning horizon structure is mapped over this calendar from a specified starting date and allocates each planning period a starting and ending date.

-- Capacity requirements revolve around work centers, which are specified production facilities consisting of one or more people or machines. Work center details are used to build the labor and machine capacity for each work center and period. Load details are derived from work orders, which may be entered through the CompassCPA Work-In-Process Module or through the projected work orders feature.

-- Requirements for plant maintenance orders entered through the CompassCPA Plant Maintenance Module are also taken into consideration. Each order is associated with an operations table which specifies the amount of time each operation takes and in which work center the operation is performed.

-- The materials planning feature analyzes the requirement based upon the type of product and the stated demand for the product. The materials demand can originate from various sources: master schedule, make to order, reorder point control, time bucket and usage history.

-- There is a capability to supply the system with unanticipated demand.

-- The end product of the process is a 52-week master schedule by product of suggested work orders, suggested purchase orders, and suggested expediting/delay/quantity change to existing orders and recommended replenishment.

Cost and inventory tracking by work order

Extensive costing capabilities

Five reorder policies

Forecast and skewed demand entry by SKU

Infinite capacity planning

Inquiries and reporting for decision support

Labor planning

Master schedule

SKU & location level order policies

Suggested action report

Suggested work orders and purchase orders

Work center (line) capacity planning

General Ledger
Plant Maintenance
Work in Process

But that's just the beginning--the CompassCPA Suite allows you to integrate your manufacturing data with distribution, financial and human resource functions, to give you a world view of your business and street-level access to the details.

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