CompassCPA Manufacturing System
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The CompassCPA Work-In-Process Module revolves around the work order, a document calling for the manufacture or assembly of a stated quantity of product by a stated date.

Track production -- Work orders can be entered manually or by confirmation of suggested work orders raised by the CompassCPA Resource Planning Module. Resource Planning supplies Work-In-Process with a list of suggested orders specifying the quantity of products to be made by a certain date to meet requirements.

-- Each work order has two schedules: a bill of materials; and a table of operation work centers. Together the schedules identify all raw materials, machine and labor time necessary to manufacture or assemble the required product.

-- The bill of materials and table of operations for an order are copied from product specification standard tables.

-- The bill of materials and table of operations may be customized for a specific order.

-- Flexible narrative capability allows for instructions and direction of an order or at operation level.

-- Raw materials are issued to a work order according to the bill of materials either by direct issue of specified quantities or by backflushing on completion of the finished goods. Backflushing uses the quantity of goods received and the expected values form the bill of materials and the table of operations to calculate the issues and time assumed to have been used.

-- Work orders are used by the CompassCPA Resource Planning Module to recognize the demand for raw materials and operator time. It also recognizes the supply of finished goods over time.

-- Machine times entered are used by the CompassCPA Plant Maintenance Module.

-- Firm work orders are recognized by Inventory, and adjustments are made for all stock issues and receipts.

-- The CompassCPA Work-In-Process Module offers a sophisticated valuation facility based on standard costs that may be run for a single order or for all work in process.

Automatic scrap adjustment

Automatic validation of lead time to the required date

Automatic adjustment of raw materials and finished goods inventory

Automatic confirmation of orders suggested by Resource Planning

Books labor by work order

Books non-productive labor time

Calculates order value

Modifies order quantities, dates, bill of materials and routing

Planned and revised costs, including changes to the bill of materials or routing

Record actual time and material costs

Record set up and process times by operation

Report overdue work orders

Shop floor documents: kit list, operation ticket and route card

Standard time and material costs

Stock issues as used by kit/item or by backflushing an order completion

General Ledger
Plant Maintenance
Resource Planning
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But that's just the beginning--the CompassCPA Suite allows you to integrate your manufacturing data with distribution, financial and human resource functions, to give you a world view of your business and street-level access to the details.

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