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A company with a tradition of success puts the customer first. A fine-tuned distribution system, one that allows you to deliver the right product to the right place with a minimum of paperwork, not only keeps customers and vendors happy--it helps you boost your bottom line.

The CompassCPA Distribution System is that system. It is one important part of an integrated application suite that provides the tools you need to reduce the cost of processing sales orders, while providing up-to-the-minute information to manage your business. Its unique integrated design makes it possible to create "single entry" transactions that are updated in real time throughout the system.

Each transaction is made up of organizational codes determined by the "rules/structure" of the business--information that will allow you to analyze performance from just about every angle. By integrating distribution functions with financial management and human resources, the CompassCPA Distribution System assures you have total control over all aspects of your distribution operation.

The CompassCPA Distribution System features three powerful modules. Click for the details:

Inventory Management Module
Purchasing Module
Sales Order Module

But that's just the beginning--the CompassCPA Suite allows you to integrate your distribution management information with financial, manufacturing and human resource functions, to give you a world view of your business and street-level access to the details.

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