CompassCPA Distribution System
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A complete solution -- The CompassCPA Sales Order Module maintains extensive customer information, defines pricing and tax information, generates sales orders, manages picking, issuing, packing and shipping operations, and checks credit. All of the administrative, product, pricing and shipping information is edited during the sales order entry process.

Choose a format -- Use batch order entry to receive orders via EDI or hand held data collection systems or for use on-line. All are available simultaneously.

Speed order entry -- Multiple-line sales orders are entered quickly because information, such as customer details and item pricing, can be predefined and automatically plugged into the sales order.

Improve customer service -- Supports different ship-to and bill-to addresses. Each line item can specify a ship-from location allowing customer service representatives to meet customer requirements. Provides more than 60 on-line inquiries and reports for immediate access to customer service.

Cover all the bases -- Takes sales orders created as quotes, easily converts them into orders, generates appropriate shipping documents and invoices and provides full control over backorders.

Control credit -- Comprehensive credit checking and control facilities from CompassCPA Accounts Receivable are shared with sales orders. Orders are automatically held if the customer fails the credit check and are detailed in a report. Credit ratings can be maintained for each customer with minimum and maximum order amounts and credit limits. Specific policies can be defined for each company within the organization.

Reserve items in inventory -- Different picklist methods can be used during allocation of a specific sales order; items can be allocated for all or part of a shipment; an order can be picked short; several orders can be combined on one picklist; and printed picklists can be generated on-line or in batch.

Control inventory -- Records the quantity of a line item taken from inventory and the inventory location from which it was issued.

Control pricing -- The pricing scheme allows an item to be priced for each customer or each customer address and base it on an effective date. Use a base price from a price list with subsequent application of a customer, product discount matrix.

Ability to sell and process non-inventory items

Automatic freight and sales tax calculations

Back order management

Complex commission and brokerage calculations with quota incentives

Comprehensive (including seasonal) sales analysis

Comprehensive pricing and discounting by customer, product, date, and quantity

Customer hierarchy definition

Extensive credit checking

Flexible shipping feedback inclusive of lot control with automatic printing of shipping documents

Multiple customer location for delivery and invoicing

Multiple order entry methods

On-line or batch Invoicing

Picking ticket and bills of lading generation

Pricing and product promotions

Quotation processing and tracking

Sales contracts with releases into sales orders

Supports the Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Accounts Receivable
General Ledger
Resource Planning

But that's just the beginning--the CompassCPA Suite allows you to integrate your distribution management information with financial, manufacturing and human resource functions, to give you a world view of your business and street-level access to the details.

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