CompassCPA Distribution System
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Take control -- Support all external procurement functions, from suggesting necessary re-orders to order execution, receiving, and invoicing. Automatically convert low stock levels into on-line purchase orders for maintenance or issue.

Automate purchases -- With the integration of CompassCPA Resource Planning, inventory purchases are suggested based on stock-on-hand versus projected requirements with automatic creation of purchase orders.

Work in real time -- Full support for on-line/real-time user interaction minimizes paper flow. Real-time interfaces for inventory control include back-order management and inventory status lookups.

Minimize data entry -- Recurring purchase orders allow scheduling and generation of multiple purchasing documents with a single data entry process.

Eliminate data re-entry -- Purchasing transactions flow automatically to General Ledger, Resource Planning, Fixed Assets, and Accounts Payable.

Manage vendors -- Stores and manages information about each vendor used by the organization. Detailed vendor information includes name, contacts, multiple addresses, purchasing terms, vendor part numbers, quality and performance data. Vendor procurement schedules are automatically created and updated by Resource Planning based on user-defined order policies. Common vendor information is shared with CompassCPA Accounts Payable, minimizing data entry.

Maintain vendor balances -- Blanket purchase orders allow for the placement of orders and subsequent price locking with vendors. Withdrawals and receipts against blanket purchase orders maintain the vendor held balance.

Generate and maintain Requests For Quotation -- Determine specific quantities for RFQs due on specific dates and then automatically convert the quotation into a purchase order.

Track receivables -- Track receipts and inspection of multiple receipts for each line item in a purchase order. Receipt information is immediately available to CompassCPA Accounts Payable for matching.

Process non-stock items -- Create purchase orders and requisitions for undefined, non-stock items or services that are not inventoried or are not often purchased. Create temporary part numbers for each non-stock item entered in the purchase order.

Blanket and recurring purchase orders

Lot controlled receipts

Multiple account distribution of requisitions, purchase orders, or line items

Multiple receipts per purchase order

On-line/real-time purchasing management

Suggested purchase orders

Support for partial payments with duplicate payment protection

Temporary vendors, temporary products

Unlimited history reporting

Vendor management

Vendor performance reporting

Vendor/product pricing

Accounts Payable
Fixed Assets
Fleet Maintenance
General Ledger
Resource Planning

But that's just the beginning--the CompassCPA Suite allows you to integrate your distribution management information with financial, manufacturing and human resource functions, to give you a world view of your business and street-level access to the details.

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