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Universal Furniture moves from 2200 to LX!

RICHMOND, VA, Summer of 2000.†

      Universal Furniture, a manufacturer of bedroom and dining furniture, has completed the migration of their Distribution Application from their Unisys 2200 to a LX5440.† The migration effort was prompted by the pending expiration of licensees and escalating support costs on the 2200 platform.† With the migration effort complete, Universal Furniture was able to drastically reduce its' monthly operating costs.

      There were a number of pleasant surprises at the end of the project.†

      Under the 2200 environment, a particular daily batch post to their distribution database required all nationwide users to log off the application for approximately sixty minutes.† That restraint has been eliminated.†

      During the parallel processing testing, Universal Furniture was able to report processing speed increases of up to 300 percent!† Note, this was not true for all reports but at no time did they see any increases of processing time.†††

      The existing operationsí staff were not quite sure of the A-Series environment.† They had years and years of experience on the 2200 platform and were skeptical of our claims for the MCP operating system.† A few weeks after implementation, their fears were laid to rest and they are now proponents of MCP!

      ECL versus WFL.† Our staff converted over 1400 ECL streams into WFL.† They now have the in-house expertise to consolidate their operational activities to reduce the number of WFLís and streamline their day-to-day operations.†††

      With the installation of the LX, Unisys offers a limited number of NX View seats at no charge.† Additional NX View licenses were purchased for a fraction of the cost they were paying for their existing emulator.† This in itself was a tremendous cost savings.†

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