Enterprise Application Developer Migration Services


                      Are you still developing in host based LINC?

  Do you find your project and modification delivery times to be unacceptable or, at best, barely under the wire?  

                      Are test system generates affecting your production systems?  

  Are your developers still using terminal emulators and character screens on their new Pentium III machines capable of graphics development for your legacy applications?


These questions are popping up in IT departments across the country along with Unisysí plan to phase out their support of the host product in the coming years.  Now is your opportunity to explore what Enterprise Application Developer (formerly known as LDA) has to offer and how Potomac can help with the transition.


Potomac begins with a full case extract evaluation, specifically suited to your development and production environment.  

We will then provide a comprehensive analysis of what would be required for a smooth migration and supply you with a quote for every aspect of our services based on the size of your specification. 

Next, our expert staff will guide you through every step of the transition:  from data item conflicts and keyword usage to the final steps such as the introduction of newer access verbs.  

Lastly, we have customized courses to get your development staff up to speed and feeling comfortable with EAE as well as the PC based testing tool, Enterprise Application Developer Test.


    Oh, and by the way, when youíre ready to try direct generate to A-Series or Windows 2000, we can help you get there as well and demonstrate it in our on-site test environment.  With an in-house Clearpath development mainframe, Potomac sets itself apart from its competitors in the EAE migration services industry.  


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