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Unisys defines the Enterprise Application Environment as "a suite of computer-based tools and a supporting methodology that helps your organization build and deploy transaction intensive information systems that keep pace with rapidly changing business needs."

You need EAE if: "You have a backlog of application development projects that never shrink, you want to move your applications to client/server but aren't sure how, and/or your end user community and IT department talk different languages."

Potomac cut its teeth on the EAE language and we have a well-established, in-house staff of development professionals that know Unisys 4GL, EAE, and its companion CASE tool EAD (Enterprise Application Developer) inside and out. Using the EAE suite of development tools, we can build you a robust application in far less time than it would normally take.

Our EAE team averages ten-plus years of EAE experience and five-plus years experience with the EAD. They know every facet of EAE application development and, make note of this: they know how to apply it to real-world business practices.

Potomac's EAE development methodology typically uses the EAD environment for design and development of new projects with subsequent support and modification in the host EAE environment. Support and new feature modifications are performed via host-EAE to ensure their operability in the runtime environment. And all development in the host-EAE environment conforms to current EAD conventions.

That doesn't mean we keep you in the dark. If you choose to, we encourage your participation in the development process and in testing the features and functionality of a customized application. We do it by providing you with direct connectivity to our in-house ClearPath system where we maintain your application database and test customizations.

Why choose Potomac Systems for EAE development?

Fast turnaround

Experienced, business-savvy development team

Latest releases of system and development software

Hand's-on involvement with design, prototyping, testing and our "no surprises" implementation process

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