CompassCPA Financial Management System
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The CompassCPA Fixed Assets Module is comprised of a masterfile and a subledger that can have multiple control accounts. Control account codes designate each class of asset that are required to be listed separately on the balance sheet.

The net book value of an asset is made up from the combination of the following accounts: opening cost, opening accumulated depreciation, opening revaluations, opening account revaluation depreciation, additions, revaluation in current year, transfers of cost, transfers of depreciation, transfers of revaluation, transfers of revaluation depreciation, profit on sale/depreciation recovered, loss on sale/additional depreciation, capital profit or loss, current year depreciation, current year revaluation depreciation and realization/sale price.

-- Enables the specification of the rates and methods of depreciation which are required for each individual asset. A report is provided which will calculate and post depreciation for the period, for each asset.

-- Calculates any profit/loss or capital gains on disposal of assets, and it automatically calculates and posts the depreciation.

-- Supports the ability to process depreciation for multiple depreciation registers.

-- Reports can be printed for all registers, a group of registers, or specific selected registers.

-- Multiple methods of depreciation are available. Optionally, you may select straight line depreciation when depreciation calculated at straight line is greater than the currently specified depreciation method.

Allows assets revaluation for accounting purposes

Alternate depreciation methods per asset

Asset grouping

Assets subledger is fully integrated with the general ledger

Comprehensive year-end reporting

Costs and depreciation of assets can be transferred from one asset to another

Master-sub-master asset relationships



Reports listing depreciation projection and asset depreciation schedules

Self-adjusting; any changes in depreciation rates are adjusted accordingly

Special depreciation capabilities

Accounts Payable
General Ledger

But that's just the beginning--the CompassCPA Suite allows you to integrate your financial management information with distribution, manufacturing and human resource functions, to give you a world view of your business and street-level access to the details.

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