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On the software team is Attachmate--a company that builds enterprise information access software--the stuff that allows you to safely, securely access critical information from anywhere on the system. Software so highly regarded, Attachmate's products are part of the systems landscape at four out of five Fortune 500 companies and a major player in many other major corporations, large organizations and government agencies worldwide.

Attachmate's desktop-to-host and host-to-web connectivity solutions, object-oriented client and server software, authoring tools, management software and hardware adapters extend mission-critical applications and data to end users.

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Attachmate's award-winning solutions allows any authorized user, anywhere to access business information residing within and outside their organizations.

Attachmate product lines are divided among three strategic business groups:

Enterprise Host Group
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The Enterprise Host Group extends enterprise host applications and information to end users, providing mission-critical levels of software support and quality. Attachmate's EXTRA! line of client products allow users to access enterprise information wherever it may reside, while developer tools simplify and accelerate the creation of customized business applications. As new component technologies become part of your enterprise computing strategy, be assured that Attachmate will support you with trouble-free migration.

Unisys/RLN/NetWizard Computing Group

This group provides connectivity and client/server solutions to users of Unisys hosts as well as high performance remote access and enterprise client management solutions to the networked workstation market. Attachmate is the dominant provider of Unisys connectivity and uses this expertise to perform complex platform integration for multi-host customers.

Open Systems Group

Attachmate's Open Systems Group provides standards-based connectivity solutions for workgroups and departmental customers in the Open Systems market. The group brings strong connectivity expertise in Open Systems technologies, provides world class TCP/IP and Internet solutions, and enables migration to distributed computing and component technologies.
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