CompassCPA Financial Management System
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The CompassCPA Accounts Receivable Module provides on-line capabilities to maintain extensive customer information, process invoices and memos, perform cash application, and manage customer collections.

Adapt to your needs -- Use as a stand-alone accounting environment or integrate with other modules.

Conquer reporting -- Master/Subsidiary Customer hierarchy groups for reporting and cash application purposes. Generate: individual statements per customer; a statement to the master customer comprising all transactions for the subsidiary customers; a statement to the master customer for their transactions with a consolidated statement for sub-customers of the master statement; and a combination of the above where some sub-customers receive statements and others are consolidated with the master customer.

Control processing and billing -- Process statements on a regular cycle or upon request. Customer-specific billing cycles allow for both balance forward and open item customers.

-- Include user-defined narrative on statements.

-- Reference debit and credit memos to an invoice to adjust the invoice balance.

-- Create memos during cash application to record customer deductions and to charge back unauthorized deductions.

-- Automatically apply payment to open items without need to specify the invoices to be paid and closes the invoices to which the payment was applied.

-- Customer deductions can be recorded by deduction amount, reason for the deduction, and customer's debit or credit memo document number during cash applications.

-- Multi-currency application means invoice and payments can be entered in the customer's currency and converted to the organization's home currency for general ledger processing.

-- Unrealized and realized gains and losses are calculated during month-end and cash application processing.

-- Both sales and product structures are user-definable and provide for extensive sales analysis. Sample sales history data that is retained is product, product group, line of business, quantity sold, selling price, cost, discount, customer, customer class and sales area.

Collection and credit functions

Commission tracking

Complete audit trail with user-friendly correction of data

Comprehensive credit control features

Comprehensive customer information

Customer access by name, number and drop down list box

Customer diary

Electronic payment data capture

Extensive sales history

Inter-company sales

Invoice deduction tracking

Master /subsidiary customer hierarchy

Multi currency


On demand invoice capability

Sales budgets by customer and product

Sales tax rate matrix

Variable billing periods/cycles

General Ledger

But that's just the beginning--the CompassCPA Suite allows you to integrate your financial management information with distribution, manufacturing and human resource functions, to give you a world view of your business and street-level access to the details.

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