Network Services

Potomac provides a full array of network services to help you and your business run smoothly and efficiently.  We conduct on-site construction of networks from design through customer installation. We provide the expertise to trouble-shoot existing networks and propose cost effective solutions. Our services include:  

  • Desktop/Server Hardware - Potomac can supply state of the art desktop and server hardware. We also offer several cost effective storage solutions.

  • Desktop/Server Support - Potomac can assist you in keeping your desktops and servers in tip-top condition.  From the installation of the latest versions of Windows to memory/disk upgrades.  We will also advise you when itís time to trade the desktop and/or server in when you enroll in our hardware upgrade program.

  • Network Software - Potomac supports your network infrastructure with Microsoft Windows 2000 technology and other third-party software to make it efficient, powerful and reliable.  Whether you need a backup program, a simple E-mail package for your users, or a specific network management solution, we can provide the right product to meet your needs.

  • Network Support - Potomac provides a wide range of support options for your organization's network.  We offer:

  • Network design

  • Network installation and support

  • Network growth planning

  • Troubleshooting and analysis

  • Internet connectivity

  • Backup systems installation and support

  • File server and workstation configuration

  • Print server installation and setup

  • E-mail solutions

  • Remote access solutions

Whether you are interested in sharing files and printers between a few PCs or you have more complex requirements, we have the right network hardware, software and expertise to keep your business running.


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