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CompassCPA Payroll and Human Resources is a Multi-company system. The HR module benefits and salary information is designed to provide the Payroll Module with necessary Deductions, Allowances and Pay Rates.

The Payroll system is transaction driven. Transactions set up as "standard" are processed automatically during each payroll. Transactions entered for a specific payroll period are processed only once for that period.

This system allows processing of large volumes of payroll data.

Payroll Module Features 

  • Electronic fund transfer (Direct Deposit) to multiple accounts i.e. checking and savings accounts. Direct deposit employees can also be written a check when required. Direct deposit data is either electronically transfered or sent via magnetic tape media.
  • Federal, State and Local taxes calculated from easy-to-maintain on-line tax tables.
  • On-line timesheet input and inquiry.
  • Pay codes may be established for regular, overtime and double time.
  • Override capability for salary, payment frequency, pay rates, taxes, etc.
  • Options to void payroll and/or general ledger postings for an entire period or a specific employee.
  • Garnish wages depending on user specified amount or percentage.
  •  Deductions and allowances can be specified with a limit. This automatically stops deduction/allowance when it reaches the limit.
  • Deductions can be prioritized. This feature allows the deductions to be deducted in a user-defined sequence.
  • Ability to issue manual checks on demand
  • On-line payroll inquiries for a specified date range or Year-to-date
  • Interfaces to CompassCPA General Ledger and Accounts Payable Modules. Postings made for example are: tax withholdings, wages, unemployment insurance, deductions, etc.


  • Labor hours summary
  • Allowance register
  • Payroll check register
  • Quarterly Unemployment tax report
  • Periodic, quarterly and yearly payroll reports
  • W2 prints and W2 tapes

Human Resources Module Features

The Human Resource Module can be implemented with or without integration to the Payroll Module.

The HR Module features five interdependent sub-modules:

  • Employee static data
  • Benefits administration
  • COBRA manage
  • Absence tracking
  • Employee tracking and inquiries

Employee static data

  • Employee master data- Name, address, gender, etc.
  • Next of kin, Emergency contact maintenance
  • Salary and Position Management with review dates
  • Employee health recording
  • Personnel turnover

Benefits Administration

  • Benefits Master
  • Benefits Rates
  • Miscellaneous deduction tracking
  • Employee beneficiary recording

COBRA management benefits purchased by terminated employees are managed in this sub-module.

  • COBRA masterfile maintenance
  • COBRA benefits tracking
  • COBRA receipts

Absence Tracking

  • Track Sick and Vacation accruals
  • Accident/Illness recording

Employee tracking/inquiry

  • Employee salary history
  • Employee profile inquiries
  • Employee terminations and rehires inquiry


  • Employee wage analysis
  • Head count analysis by job class and category
  • Employee length of service
  • Print employees due for review prior to a specified date
  • Termination report
  • New Hire report
  • COBRA letters and Delinquency notices


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